Oh no she didn’t. Oh yes she did. Beyonce’s Unauthorized Ads

Oh no she didn’t. Oh yes she did! On Wednesday, March 23, 2024, Beyonce projected unauthorized album advertisements for her forthcoming album, Cowboy Carter, onto these four New York City art institutions: the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the New Museum, and the Museum of Arts and Design. However, the rockstar did not notify any of the institutions that their buildings would serve as free billboards for her marketing campaign.

Oh yes she did!

Beyonce posted the GPS coordinates of the Guggenheim Museum to her social media around the same time the projections appeared providing a tacit acknowledgement of ownership for the projections. But, at the time of this writing, neither she nor her people have commented on the scandalous nature of the stunt nor have they been in contact with the museums.

I find it hilarious just how much the public statements of the museums provide recognizable snapshots in a just few words of the institutions themselves. Had you provided most New Yorkers with the statements unlabeled and the names of the 4 museums, if would probably be quite easy for most New Yorkers to match each statement with its corresponding museum. 

Oh no she didn’t!

It was no surprise that the one museum that emphasized what could be interpreted as the somewhat disrespectful nature of the stunt was the Guggenheim [full disclosure: I used to work there]. The Guggenheim’s statement noted that it had not been informed and authorization to make use of the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright architecture had neither been sought nor extended for the “activation”. After stating its position, the museum then promoted an upcoming exhibition which would make use of authorized projections on the outside of the rotunda.

On the other hand, the other three  museums smartly accepted the free publicity they received from the surprise, unauthorized nature of the projections. Instead, they used the buzz to promote their current exhibitions and invited Beyonce to visit their institutions, which would, no doubt, magnify and extend the free publicity reflected on their work thanks to their names appearing in the same sentence as Beyonce. 

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