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Growing up in a small town in the central Appalachian mountains, we always had access to fresh local produce. Friends and family planted their own gardens with long, tangy rhubarb and a rainbow of juicy tomatoes. But moving to the city did not mean giving up this blessed abundance. New York City is lucky to have many neighborhood farmers markets that pop up several days a week, each with its schedule and inventory calibrated to the wants and needs of that micro-community.

Last week in my apartment community’s residents association newsletter, there was a fabulous notice that we were getting our own Famers Market right outside the gates of our complex.

Farmers Market sign

I planned to get up in time to be there right when the stands opened to ensure I got everything on my list of New York State-grown produce: tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, leafy salad greens, sweet potatoes, green onions, and sweet bell peppers.

Our farmers market is managed by Down to Earth, whose mission is to create economic opportunities for local farmers, processors, and consumers to trade with one another for mutual benefit; to celebrate our food culture together to enhance community life; and cultivate knowledge, awareness, and practices among consumers and producers to care for the environment and build the local food economy.

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  1. Denia Kirk

    Hi Matthew! This is lovely! How nice to have something like this so close to home! Love the new website! It looks fantastic! I took your advice and booked two nights this weekend at The Western Front hotel in St. Paul. I noticed you had a shout out to that place on the photo I clicked to get to this page. When I made the reservation, I did tell the girl on the phone that Matthew Whitenack sent me there. She asked who it was that you knew, and I had forgotten. Is it Elizabeth? I want to be sure she knows that we found the place because of you! We are excited to take the pups and have some much needed relaxation time, where we can just lay around and read – and do a bit of hiking! Maybe visit or pick up from the brewery, too. Congrats on getting the new site up and running! I imagine that was a lot of blood, sweat and tears!
    Much love! – Denia

  2. GothamGuru

    Thanks so much for leaving my inaugural comment! You can tell the WFH that I’m friends with Kathy Stewart who’s in charge of the Lyric Project to reopen the Lyric Theater that my grandparents ran. The theater is just a short block away from the hotel. Enjoy your stay in St. Paul!! Take some lovely pictures so I can visit vicariously!

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